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Step One:

The Consultation

The first step in the surgical process is your initial consultation. As a dedicated plastic surgery specialist, Dr. Papanicolaou meets personally with every one of his patients.


During your consultation with Dr. Papanicolaou, he will listen to your specific concerns in order to provide you with an evaluation to help you achieve the results you desire based upon your goals, lifestyle, and unique anatomy.

In the consultation, Dr. Papanicolaou will do a physical exam and take a complete history. He will carefully evaluate the part of your body  for which you are considering surgery, and explain the procedure to you in detail, including the benefits, drawbacks, risks and potential complications, and different surgical approaches.

He will discuss your expectations with you to ensure they are realistic and provide you with resources and literature about the type of surgery you have chosen.

If you have photos (from a magazine, or from another plastic surgery site) that reflect your expectations, bring them in as part of your consult. They will help Dr. Papanicolaou determine what you’re looking for and help him explain whether or not it can be achieved through surgery.


He will also show you before and after photographs to illustrate what certain techniques can accomplish and to help you understand what the results would look like.
Before your appointment, we encourage you to write down any questions you might have about the surgery or about Dr. Papanicolaou as they occur to you.


Many patients get “caught up in the moment” and often forget to ask key questions.
After your consultation, you should feel like the decision you’re making is an informed one.
We’ll take the time – really listen to you – to see what cosmetic and plastic surgery can do for you.


Do not hesitate to contact Dr. Papanicolaou or his team at Soma Plastic Surgery and schedule a consultation and we will explain to you everything about popular cosmetic surgeries.

Step Two:

Preparing for Surgery

A week or two before your surgery, you will come to Dr. Papanicolaou’s plastic surgery office for a pre-surgery meeting. His Staff will take preoperative “before” photos, send you for any tests you might need, and talk to you in detail about your surgery. This is your opportunity to ask any questions you still have.

Click HERE for the New Patient Packet

Before you have your surgery, you will also be asked to follow the following preoperative guidelines. Dr. Papanicolaou will go over the list with you to make sure you understand them.

By following the guidelines, you will ensure that your body is in the best possible condition for surgery, which will minimize risks and complications – and help with a speedy recovery.

Pre-surgery guidelines

  • To minimize bleeding and bruising, avoid aspirin, Advil, Entrophen, ASA, 222s, Naprosyn, Vioxx and other anti-inflammatories for three weeks before surgery. Tylenol is okay to use if needed.

  • Stop smoking, or cut down as much as you can before your surgery. The longer something takes to heal, the more noticeable the scar will be. Because nicotine slows healing, it results in increased scar formation. As a general rule, smokers tend to have more noticeable scarring after plastic surgery. Please note that Dr. Papanicolaou will generally not perform facial procedures on smokers because of the increased risk of scarring.

  • Eat a healthy diet to get your body in optimum shape for surgery.

  • Stop taking any supplements or naturopathic or homeopathic medications two weeks before surgery.
    On the night before and the morning of your surgery, take a shower and wash thoroughly with regular soap.

  • Don’t eat anything after midnight on the night before your surgery.

  • Make sure you have a responsible adult who is available to pick you up after your surgery and can stay with you for 24 hours as your anesthesia wears off.

  • If you are having breast surgery, make sure you bring clothing that you don’t have to pull over your head; button-up shirts and cardigans work best.

This checklist offers general information for all the plastic surgeries Dr. Papanicolaou performs. You will receive more detailed preoperative guidelines for your specific procedure at your pre-surgery appointment.

By following Dr. Papanicolaou’s pre-surgery guidelines, you can greatly reduce the risk of complications and promote better surgical results.

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